My Background

Dr Dodson

I received my masters and doctoral degrees at Washington University in St. Louis, where I was able to come in contact with world-class faculty. During those years, I provided therapy and assessment services both on and off-campus. I then did a one-year internship in North Portland at Delaunay Family Services.

After receiving my doctorate, I began working at Mental Health Services West, a community mental health center that operated out of downtown Portland. While there I had the chance to work with traumatized and neglected youths and their families.

I learned a great deal about having compassion for children coming from very difficult circumstances, not to judge others because of their circumstances, and that psychology means more than trying to fit people into pigeonholes and then giving them a prescribed  treatment regimen. I was also able to complete my residency at Mental Health Services West.

Once my residency was complete, I engaged in a number of different professional pursuits. I taught part-time at Clackamas Community College, as well as at the Linfield College of Nursing. Teaching was a great experience, and I was able to share my love of learning with students. I also worked at North Clackamas School District as a school psychologist for two years, where I became well acquainted with the Special Education system.

Although I appreciated the opportunities to teach and work in the school system, I was eager to continue doing therapy. Consequently, I decided to get back into clinical work in 2000, and I've been enjoying my private practice ever since.